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     Frequently Asked Questions    


Why do we need our day filming – we have a photographer?”

Your photographer will usually be concentrating on the Bridal Party – you’ll know what’s in the pictures

because you’ll be there when most of them are being taken - there is so much more happening

on a Wedding Day, an experienced camera operator will capture the bigger picture,

the sights and sounds which you would otherwise miss.


“Will I have a camera pointed at me?”

That’s the job of your photographer. A wedding film should capture the day unobtrusively.

The essence of our service is to be inconspicuous on the day.

All of our filming takes place from a respectable distance, this way people look natural

and relaxed and are usually completely unaware of our cameras.


“It’s too expensive, we’ll look for someone cheaper.”

The best quality is never cheap, generally you get what you pay for.

There are no re-takes on a Wedding Day, you’ll only walk down the aisle once,

you’ll only say your vows once and the speeches will only be delivered once,

you need to be totally confident when you trust someone to film all of this,

they will be only get one chance to capture the moment and it needs to be perfect.



If you can watch somebody else’s wedding film and find it interesting,

entertaining and emotional, just imagine how fantastic

it would be if you knew everybody in the film!


Ask about hidden extras.

Will you be charged for your videographer attending the rehearsal?

How many copies of the finished film will you receive?

How much are extra copies?

Will the camera operators request refreshments on the day?


How long will it take to complete my Wedding Film?

We’ve heard tales of some companies taking many months to complete the edit process,

we personally find this totally unacceptable, Northern Image films are delivered in around 4 weeks.


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